Friday, 6 January 2012


Is that even a word? That's the word that I'm using for today anyway. It was, and still will be while there is still light, a productive one.

Hubby and I ran around the lake near us this morning. It was hard going - I haven't done it in a while, and had to stop a few times to walk - which I hate! I used to be able to run the whole thing, but 2011 saw a few injuries from basketball which put a halt to more exercise than necessary.

{we ran around the top of the mountain around the lake, not at the base. it's ultra hilly but good for the butt}

I finished off a cupboard from our room that needed a good make over. I started it a few days ago, but you know how it goes...waiting for paint to dry, getting stuck doing other necessities like cooking tea for five, etc. But it's finished, back in my room, clothes put away. I think they like being in there much more now.

I've also been spring cleaning the linen press, which not only contains linen, but my tools, the girls hair box (which is chock full of hair ties and all the girly things they require) and anything else that those other four in the house decide to throw in there out of sight. I do love a good clean out.

Anna baked lamingtons. She first asked to make a chocolate mousse. The answer was 'no'. Chocolate mousse lasts all of five minutes in the house if she makes it - and she is the main eater. At least lamingtons might last longer than five minutes...ten minutes maybe!

{the recipe was sourced via the web from her laptop - the cake part wasn't quite as spongy as I thought it should be, so I think we'll have to do a bit more searching for the perfect lamington recipe}

I'm off to continue 'de-cluttering' my house and get ready for a weekend full of family. Can't wait.

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  1. it's totally a word and I am totally doing it too - albeit later than I had planned because of all the sickies... still!! arrrgggghhh I think I am going insane. beautiful job on the dresser, you have given me the inspiration to get ruby's done, but first a little desk I picked up for her last week x


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