Sunday, 8 January 2012


This amazing woman turned 50 this week.

{she's here with her beautiful daughters - my amazing sisters-in-law}

She is seriously one of the most amazing people you could ever meet. I could list off a million words to describe her, but how about just a few: kind-hearted, compassionate, loving, beautiful, inspirational - seriously, this woman is one of the best. And she doesn't even look like she's close to being 50!

This woman is my mother-in-law. She is most definitely not your stereotypical mother-in-law, that's for sure - I love being around her, she loves our kids with all her heart, never says a bad word about anyone, and truly lives her life to its best. If I'm half the person that she is when I turn 50, I'll be a happy lady.

She's one of those people that just get things done - she's a do-er. Never says can't or won't and always has a beautiful smile to give you when you need it, or a shoulder to lean on. She's one of a kind, and I'm definitely very lucky to have her in my life, and I think everyone that knows her would think the same thing.

{she has four amazing children, and I'm lucky enough to be married to one of them - aren't they just such a good looking family}

Happy birthday Shaz xo

{on another note, this girl of mine turned 12 just over a week ago - ahmigawd! I nearly have a teenager on my hands}


  1. oh my dear, I am so glad you know how lucky you are to have a MIL like mrs whitehead (as I know her!!). *very* envious. gorgeous pics, gorgeous subjects, no wonder you made gorgeous kids x

  2. she's a keeper! and you are all of those things too miss x


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