Wednesday, 4 January 2012

hello 2012

I'm late, I know. I had planned to start this blog on the 1st of January. Obviously that didn't happen. Among other things, it took me much longer to work out how to actually set up a blog that I thought. I'm completely amazed now at all the beautiful blogs I see and how time consuming it is to set up. I'm sure now that I'm up and running it should become easier. I said should...

I have been reading and drooling over other blogs for a long time and have always wanted to start one myself. I really don't know whether anyone will be bothered reading it, but I like the fact that I can have a visual diary of what my little family are up to - it doesn't matter if I'm the only one reading it! I've always loved reading and writing, it's in my blood. My mum reads constantly. At school, I was always good at English. I loved writing stories and essays - looking for hidden meanings behind everything. I'm hoping that this place will allow me to do some of that again. As a mum and business owner, I'm really only doing the things that surround family and work - not really letting my mind work on anything else. So, 2012 will be the start of something different for me. I can feel it's going to be a good year. I'm starting afresh, setting goals (which is an extremely difficult thing for me to do for some reason) & opening my mind for any new challenges that come.

I'm excited.

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