Tuesday, 17 January 2012

#janphotoaday catchup..again

{day 13}
day 13 :: inside my bag :: not even going to take it all out, it's full of stuff that shouldn't even be in there :: 8:15pm

{day 14}
day 14 :: what i'm reading :: nothing but a menu today :: 8:56pm

{day 15}
day 15 :: happiness :: coming home to a clean house after being away for the weekend and finding sticky notes to follow that in the end lead me to the couch to relax :: my girls are amazing :: 6:15pm

{day 16}
day 16 :: morning :: waking up next to this princess :: 8:01am

{day 17}
day 17 :: water :: my morning cup of tea wouldn't be any good without it :: 8:35am

It looks as though I can't get myself into gear to do this everyday, so we'll most likely be playing catch up for the rest of the month. 

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