Thursday, 5 January 2012

photo a day challenge

I'm totally loving the 'Photo A Day Challenge' put forward by Fat Mum Slim on her blog. I've been following her, along with a lot of other bloggers, on Instagram - I'm completely addicted. Her challenge is to take a photo a day, based on a different subject matter for every day of January. It's gone viral. There are people all over the world taking up the challenge. I lurve it! I'm going to log my photos here as well as Instagram. I thought it would be a good idea, just in case I have absolutely nothing to write about!!

day 1 :: you {me} :: 7:47pm :: about to run
{my daughter thinks I look funny in this photo, I do a bit - I possibly need botox in between my eyebrows - too much frowning}

day 2 :: breakfast :: porridge with organic blueberries and green tea :: 8:54am
{this is my staple breakfast.}

day 3 :: something you adore :: i adore this bot :: it's not going to be this little for much longer :: 6:46pm :: cooling off
{i hate that this girl is growing up}

day 4 :: post box :: no matter what filter i use, these post boxes look crap :: 3:54pm

Today is day 5. I'll post that a little later. My outfit for the day is somewhat "relaxed" {think not showered and still in part of my pj's} and we are going out for tea tonight so I'll be looking a tad better by then. Perhaps.

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