Monday, 9 January 2012


I was slammed back into it today. Back to work. Back to reality. I loathe it. I have the back-to-work blues. But lets not talk about that. After work, I checked out the vegie patch. I admit, it needs some tender loving care - weeding, mulching, fertilising, bug control. But it's still producing, albeit a bit slower this year. It's only really just started to kick off. I love being able to step outside and pick off some produce for the night time meal. That's exactly what I did today. It helped to kick some of those blues.

{green zucchini}

{yellow zucchini}

{tuscan kale - something is eating my beautiful kale, I'm guessing some sort of moth or caterpillar, so I'll be trying this recipe tomorrow.}

{tomatoes are only just starting to flower}

{the basil in and around the tomatoes seems to be keeping them healthy - and the bird poo, nice!}

{pickings for tea}

{ready to go}

{with this}

{and this - angel hair, the only way to go}

{to make this - the small likes her pasta plain, with a bit of grated pecorino - saves the arguments at the dinner table}

{it's how she rolls}

So, back-to-work blues, as well as Monday blues, was combated by the vegie patch. It makes me sane.

How was your day?


  1. Delicious and nutritious! I read your post last night and was craving this pasta, made it for lunch today! I LOVE being able to open up your page and see your beautiful face and those precious girls, it makes my day,you are one amazing, inspiring woman xxxxxxxx

  2. amen to what hayley said. but I am jealous of your veggie patch.


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