Thursday, 12 January 2012

school holidays

I seriously love them. I haven't had the funk that others have had..just yet. I'm hoping it won't raise its ugly head. Sure there have been moments - there always are in this family. We have a pre-teen on our hands after all. There are definitely moments! But, on the flip side, there are magical, wonderous moments that make me want stop time and try to soak it all in. These girls of ours are just growing so fast - it makes me want to cry. I've been looking back at photos today of when they were little. How could they have possibly ever been so small {note: not really all that small at over 9 pounds at birth for all three - ouch}.

More often than not, I look forward to them going back to school by the end of the holidays. I don't think that will be the case this year. I love not having the morning rush, which inevitably ends in me yelling at the oldest two to get out the door or they'll miss the bus. I love having them all home with me, baking, playing games, taking photos, spending time. I love taking them places - visiting the beach, finding new spots, exploring, and the most important to them, going shopping. I love sleeping in, snuggling and dozing with the littlest. I think, however, the worst thing about them heading back to school is knowing that my baby will be heading there in the middle of the year, and that will be it. They'll all be there. All day. And that totally sucks.

But, when the eldest does this, it makes me feel a little bit better.

The only scary thing was that this:

Equaled this:

But while she's not too close to bounding off the school yet, I can totally handle it.


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  1. I normally love holidays too, but these last few days my kids have been going crazy and getting all silly together.
    I'm hoping for a quiet week or so before school starts to enjoy my little two.

    loving the pics!
    Just read your above post that you are in hospital, hope you are better soon.
    sending you good health vibes ♥


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