Monday, 5 March 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: helping hands

The last week has been crazy busy. I felt like I was going nowhere fast. My grandmother broke her hip last Sunday and she has been in hospital, so I've been spending a lot of time with her there. {I really don't like that place}.

My days are quite busy anyway, but when you add in a few hours here and there each day of doing something else other than the normal routine, the normal doesn't always get done.

So when Saturday came around, my house looked like a bomb had hit it.

That's where my beautiful helping hands step in. In the shape of my 12 & 10 year old. {The four year old, not so much!} I am grateful for these two for helping me out whenever I ask. Occasionally they might ask why they have to do it, but they know if they get it done sooner rather than later, they'll get more time for the things that they want to fill their weekends with.

I'm a pretty relaxed mother. I like kids to be kids. To have fun. They grow up far too quickly nowadays, and the longer that I can keep them kids without being independent of me, the better. I know that sounds terrible, but when I see some young girls the same age as my oldest daughter, acting like a 16 or 17 year old, I don't like it. In fact I loathe it. Anyway, I'm getting off track here. All I'm saying is that I don't make them do too much. For their weekly pocket money, they need to keep their rooms tidy and empty the dishwasher when it's done. That's it. The extra things they do on top of those is what I'm grateful for. The vacuuming rooms, tidying the bathroom, cleaning out cupboards, and so on. Sometimes, I don't even have to ask. {They usually ask for bonus pocket money though!}

It may not last forever, but these girls are just so darn helpful when they want to be and I love them to bits. Hopefully the four year old will catch on, but for now, she's just happy to make the mess and have someone else tidy it up. And that's the way it should be.


  1. I hope nanna recovers quickly, any elderly break is difficult to come back from 100%. nanna mac tripped and broke her wrist ages ago and still has some trouble. and i'm pleased that is normal four year old behaviour ;) xx

  2. Poor gran, I hope she's recovering well.

    Your girls sound gorgeous, Lauren. I agree that having a childhood is more important than chores at their young age. And don't get me started on 10 year old 'teenagers'... makes me see red! x


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