Thursday, 15 March 2012

#marchphotoaday {days 1 to 14}

I'm getting slacker and slacker posting these. We are already half way through March! How did that happen??

{day 1}
up | the sun is still managing to peek through on this blustery day | 6:17pm

{day 2}
fruit | a couple of kilos of bananas | i think these cost about $3.00 compared to about 10 times that this time last year | i love being able to buy this many again and it not costing the earth

{day 3}
my neighbourhood | not really a neighbourhood, hardly ever a soul in sight | 6:09pm

 {day 4}
bedside | my bedside table has bats for handles | we only realised it after a few years of sleeping right next to them

{day 5}
a smile | i can't get enough of this cheeky grin

{day 6} 
5pm | in a slump snuggled up on the couch with this poppet | playschool just finished

{day 7} 
something you wore | these babies | workout done and dusted

{day 8}
window | reflection | 6:35pm

{day 9}
red | the icing on the cake | after school treat | 4:21pm

{day 10}
loud | this band | 1:17pm

{day 11} 
someone you talked to today | this half croc half motorbike rider all day | helmet has only come off for nap | 6:24pm

{day 12} 
fork | a selection of vintage forks that were my nanna's

{day 13} 
a sign | our driveway

{day 14} 
cloud | the sky is full of them today | it may just rain

You can play along too. Via blogging or at Instagram. Hop on over to have a look at Fat Mum Slim's blog to find out how.


  1. That's some RED icing there! Some great shots here, Lauren. I think I like the cheeky biker best. x

  2. love this idea! have been meaning to get involved in this but never seem to get started at the beginning of the month... maybe april. haha

    Kel xx

    p.s - that cake looks awesome!


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