Wednesday, 7 March 2012

snap it {far away}

These girls.
They are starting to get further and further away from me.
Growing up fast.
Becoming independent.
Not needing me as much.
I'm hoping once they do leave our nest they'll keep returning.
Wanting hugs and love just like they still do now.
The eldest is starting to not need hugs as much. It kills me.
Even though they are needing me less,
I am never, ever far away.

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  1. You words have been written beautifully to go with such a stunning image. x

  2. Oh, that image is so, so beautiful! The words, make my heart ache thinking about it.

  3. such beautiful words and image. I'm sure we always need our mums so I am sure they will return. Dee x

  4. gah!! most BEAUTIFUL post yet. hands down. what a gorgeous shot. I'm with milina, my heart was aching reading. I actually put both hands up to cover it. xx

  5. More heart aching here too, such a beautiful photo and so beautifully written. It's bittersweet really. xx

  6. Such a gorgeous photo and such heartfelt beautiful words Lauren, they will ALWAYS need their Mama. A delightful post xo

  7. I'm with everyone else, beautiful lovely words....and a gorgeous image too. x

  8. This is so beautiful, Lauren, I'm crying, don't grow up Anna!

  9. What an amazing shot. Just amazing.


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