Wednesday, 21 March 2012

snap it {old}

My beautiful Nanna.
She may not remember who we are, but she still loves us.
And we love her.

My mind is so full of beautiful memories of her.
:: we would cook toast on the wood fire at their beachside house
:: she would cut said toast into four triangles and spread a different spread onto each
:: we would dress up in all her clothes, make a mess, and she would just laugh
:: she would caress our eyes and forehead until we went to sleep
:: sometimes, when we refused sleep, she would press our eyes shut and sing lullaby's
:: she would give us 20 cents to walk to the shops to buy a very large bag of lollies
:: all lollies would be eaten before we got back to her house
:: her vegetable garden is one I dream about - so abundant and full of home-grown goodness
:: she would drink shandy, and always pour us one {1/8ths beer, 7/8th lemonade}
:: whenever we went to her house, she would always whip up a batch of Anzacs and vanilla milkshakes - with loads of ice-cream

I could go on all night.

I love her to bits.

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  1. What a lovely photo...hold on tight to all your happy memories and this image makes another one! Nannas are such very special people....I'm so glad they are part of our lives!

  2. Beautiful words, Lauren. Beautiful Nanna. x

  3. Nana's are truly the salt of the earth, such a wonderful part of any family. Such a beautiful, heartfelt post Lauren and a delightful photo of four lovely ladies xo

  4. Such a beautiful photo, to go eith such beautiful memories. My memories of my grandmothers are as fond as yours. They are very special people. Thanks for sharing

  5. Lovely photo. Old age is harder on us observing it then it is for our grandparents living it.

  6. Warmed my heart...beautiful words and picture, she may not know you now but she knows your love xx

  7. So nice...I love your blog...keep it up!


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