Monday, 5 March 2012


A very quiet weekend here. Not too much action. Just how we like it.

Saturday was full of house cleaning, making art and a 50 + 1 birthday celebration {also called 51st!}.

Sunday morning was made up of farm duties, bathroom clean out and clean up.

Then body scrub making. It's delish! My beautiful sister in law gave me a homemade body scrub as part of her Christmas gift to us. The girls loved using it. We were all out, so I made this one up yesterday. It's made up of raw sugar {roughly four cups}, ground coffee {about 3/4 cup - I used our used coffee grinds, they have to be good for something!} and about 3/4 cup of olive oil. I used it this morning. It smelt lovely.

Hope your weekend was perfect.


  1. That body scrub sounds divine - what a great way to use up coffee grinds!

    I love a nice quiet weekend as well - never seem to happen as often as I'd like though!

  2. three posts in one day.. you're on fire!! that body scrub sounds divine, I may just have to try it x


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