Sunday, 13 January 2013

the nursery

So, first post back for 2013 after not blogging for goodness knows how long, and I'm writing about an amazing day that I had on Friday. I spent the day with eight other ladies, listening to and absorbing as much knowledge as we could from the amazing Tim Coulson at 'The Nursery' in Adelaide. I first heard of his amazing talent through this beautiful lady when he shot her family {I'll never think that sounds ok....the shot part!} and from first seeing his images, I was hooked. His images are real, yet dreamy & ethereal. They completely draw you in.

I've been playing around on manual on my camera for a little while, but really not knowing what on earth I was doing. It was just all numbers. Now, from just one day full of information, I can safely say that I will never put my camera back on automatic. Ever.

Here are a few images I took on the day - the ones that I liked. There were quite a few not so good ones!!

 It has just all of a sudden clicked {no pun intended!}. No, my images aren't perfect. They probably never will be, but I just like the fact that I now understand what my camera is doing, and what I need to do to it to allow myself to take better photos. Thank you so much Tim. {By the way, it was so amazing to meet you, Kesh and Roo. You truly are an amazingly beautiful little family. Inside and out.}

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

snap it {bright}

A few bright snaps from the past few weeks. If you follow me on instagram, my apologies, you've seen these before.
  • sunset
  • sunshiney tree climbing
  • outdoor bathing
  • night by candlelight
  • bonfire on a hill
  • canola as far as the eyes can see {taken by my eldest}
You can see more lovely bright snaps over at Sarah's.

Hump day has arrived, and the weekend is just around the corner. Oh happy day!

Monday, 10 September 2012



I have a dream. {I can't help but say that in Martin Luther King Jr's voice for some reason} My dream is not quite as big as Martin's* though. Mine is in my backyard.

My little family lives on 40 acres of land. This place was my great-grandfathers soldier settlers block, so I hold it close to my heart. But, it needs a lot of work to get it where I want it to be. You see, I want to make this land our provider. I want it to give us what we need to live comfortably and I want it to one day be where I can live out my days tending and pottering without a care in the world.

We are getting there. Slowly. It all takes time, but I am so impatient.

We have some major works that need to be done, but it has been so wet here, we have to wait for the mud to disappear or we'll be making more work for ourselves! We've just planted our most southerly paddock with native trees, and once they kick off, I'll be trying to get some wild flowers in as food for one of my future projects - bees.

The next project is our vegetable patch and a new, improved chicken run. We already have a small patch, but not enough to feed the five of us. I still have to buy vegetables to get us through. We eat a lot of vegies around here! The section of land that I have earmarked for the patch has an old aviary on it, which needs to be removed but until it dries up a bit around here, it's staying put. So things are at a stand still at the moment. I have to keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue.

In the meantime, I'm immersing myself in every book and dvd possible. Learning about bees and honey, different types of chickens and whether they are best for eggs or meat, composting and worm farms. I foresee a lot of hard work in the very near future!!

I hope you are trying to live your dream. Have a happy Monday!

*on a different note, if you haven't already heard or seen Martin's I Have a Dream speech, you can see it here. Totally inspiring.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I know, I know. It's been a while since I've been here.

June was an awful month around here. Sickness took it's hold and wouldn't let go. When I finally felt better and after I had finished caring for everyone else, I just stopped. I only planned to be on hold for a little while, but I haven't been able to find the brain space for this little place. I have been lost.

I don't feel like this place is what I want it to be. I don't feel like what I'm putting on here has enough meaning for anyone else to read except me. I'm not who I want to be at the moment.

But, I do know where I'm going, and I do want to document the journey. I may not be here all of the time, but I will be here.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

snap it {red}

"One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste" ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Fruit & vegetables are my life.
But fruit! Oh how I love it.
And the girls do too.
These strawberries were some of the sweetest & juiciest I've tasted.
Food is one of life's pleasures.
But, the best food is what you can pick & eat straight from where it's grown.

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

snapshots of home

I haven't picked up my camera much lately. I've lost my mojo a bit. But, I'm determined to get it back.

While the sun was shining yesterday, I went for a walk out into our paddocks. Armed with my camera & zoom lens, I wanted to get some shots of the new babies that are arriving. We now have four calves, and they are growing at a rate of knots. As soon as they are born, they are up and about, running around with the calves that are already pros at jumping and bouncing around the paddock.

I'm usually worried about walking around in the paddock with these cows {and one rather large bull}. I'm used to much more placid dairy cows. These Murray Grey's are a tad more feisty than what I'd like, but I think they are getting used to me.

I was also practising using my camera in manual. For some reason, my brain just can't seem to get it's head around it, but I also think it's because I don't practise enough. I took these photos in aperture priority mode, which seems to be easier for me rather than having to think about the shutter speed and exposure as well. One baby step at a time here!! These two girls seem to have the hang of it. I'll get day!

Have a lovely weekend x